A Cuanto Equivale Una Prima Legal En Colombia

Hello, what you need to know about the June premium. If the staff were on group leave in December and they indicated in mid-January how many days are the days with which they have to be paid, the service premium is the concern I have. As regards the basis for calculating the service premium, some consider that disabilities have an impact on the service premium, since during the period of invalidity, the employee does not receive a salary but an economic allowance, which is paid adequately by the EPS or the ARL depending on the origin of the disability. and the economic invalidity allowance is lower than the salary, so that during the period during which he is unable to work, the worker would have a lower income, which would undoubtedly affect the basis on which the service premium is calculated. Hello: If an employee on May 16, 2020 with a permanent contract on May 30, 2020. Did you start working in June? The service bonus is paid to any employee who is bound by and entitled to an employment contract regardless of the duration of the contract, and no employee is excluded from it. The information contained in this disclaimer is intended to educate and generally inform our readers. It is not intended as the only source of information in the analysis and solution of a legal problem, nor should it be used as such and should not replace legal advice based on a specific analysis of the facts. In addition, the laws of each jurisdiction are different and constantly evolving. This information is not intended to establish a relationship between the lawyer and the client, and its receipt does not constitute a relationship between the lawyer and the client. If you have specific questions about a particular situation, please contact the authors of this publication, your Holland & Knight representative or any other relevant legal advisor. The issuance of e-payroll will be an additional step in the payroll process, including the payment of the service premium.

a question if I do my internships for 6 months I am entitled to the bonus or not Calculation of the service premium, if the days not worked are updated due to the effect of the suspension of the employment contract, which can not be influenced is the average of the basic salary, so this average must be determined on the basis of the actual working time, which in this case is 5 months. Hello if I received the prepayment, but before the 30th. June, can I then deduct the paid value from the remaining days to complete the billing semester? It began in the sixth month of ±, in June, for workers and employees in the country who expect to pay the first premium of the year ± or the equivalent of the first half of the year± of the year. However, in the event that an employee has worked less than 6 months, it is legal to apply this formula including the multiplication of 0.5. As we had already discussed in other articles such as payroll; The service premium, like leave and severance pay, is a social benefit that is compulsorily paid by the employer. Mavita, the service premium expires 3 years after the cause. For example, at the time of writing this response (July 2020), the December 2017 bonus, which should have been paid by December 20 of that year, is December 20 of that year. December 2020 expired because at that time the 3 years were fulfilled and so on with the other premiums. Sincerely: Ernesto Piedrahita.

Lawyer in labour law. Tel.: 313-8830983. Advice on the settlement of social benefits and accidents at work. Note: I answer a maximum of two questions free of charge, whether I ask myself at my e-mail address or by phone at my mobile phone number. Remember that for the calculation of the premium, transport assistance must also be included, even if the person works from home, unless he has a salary higher than 2 minimum wages. Hello I have the following concern, I will enter an employee on June 21, but I had already paid the bonus of the 1st semester on June 15: -these 9 days of bonus of the employee should be paid? – and what would be the maximum payment date for this concept? Thank you very much. Under Colombian law, employers are up to 30 years old. June for the payment of social benefits to their dependent workers, which guarantees workers an additional income before the end of the first half of 2022. Hello, my case is q I had worked for 4 years in a family home from Monday to Saturday where I received 40000 pesos per day only working days, 6 months ago I entered a disability for one breast ca and I did not cancel the mid-year bonus and the other q I want to know, How much does the liquidation equal x the years of work during which I have not received a social allowance or should the labaral be taken into account through Christmas and service bonuses if an old-age pension from a national teacher is immobilized before the entry into force of Law 812 of 2003? The service bonus is a legal claim under article 306 of the Substantive Labour Code and has nothing to do with the extra-statutory bonuses that the company accepts with its employees.

My case is as follows: I have a contract of 10 months or more (less than a year, it is essentially the school year) in the private education sector as a teacher according to the payment modality regulated by the minimum wage + transport subsidy, and the institution tells us that since we have to stop the activities during the 15 days of students` holidays, These days are not cancelled, so they offer to pay us 15 days and supplement the surplus with the service bonus, as he says, so that we receive a normal salary per month of work. Well, under this premise, my request is that the self-employed (casual or temporary) do not have a bonus, nor do those who receive a full salary. Due to its non-salary nature, the service premium for paying for a payroll concept is not included, as this is in itself a social benefit. My case is as follows; In my work until a few years ago, I received the entire half-yearly bonus, but for the various deceased managers, some of them removed this acquired right, knowing that it was previously completely canceled, there is a law or decree that protects this acquired right, and if not, because this situation is presented, What must I do? To clarify proportionality, we assume that the employee has only three months and that the premium, which corresponds to 3 months, must be paid. The service bonus corresponds to one month`s salary for each year ± or employment or to a pro rata payment if the employee does not reach the period. Your payment will be made in two periods: in June, where the maximum duration expires on the 30th of the month, and in December, with a maximum duration of the 20th of that month. Good afternoon. My question is that the former workers of the company owe us the December 2017 bonus, the June 2,018 service bonus, the December bonus of 2,018 and now we have already filled the June bonus of 2,019.

Is it true that after collecting 4 rewards, they start losing? The law protects us or is there a way for the employer to be forced to pay them while they are still working? Extra-statutory bonuses may or may not be a salary factor, depending on what the parties have agreed. In Colombia, the service bonus must be paid to employees 2 times a year. According to article 306 of the Material Labour Code in Colombia, employers are required to pay their employees, including domestic workers, family service drivers, day labourers or agricultural workers, a benefit called the bonus for legal services. Hello my name is areliz I have a doubt if you sign a new contract in February and the good thing is to renew in May, my question is how much is the bonus of these 5 months, if my salary is 1200000 per month In practice there are various special situations that deserve special treatment or consideration with the service bonus, Aspects that we deal with below.

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