Minister of Legal Affairs in Grenada

Government officials have not yet discussed at the ministerial or legal level, let alone made a decision on how to answer this question. Currently, the government is awaiting the written verdict and a full legal briefing. Any attempt to portray the government`s response is premature and largely speculative, and in some cases malicious. Senator Claudette Joseph: | This Government has always insisted on acting responsibly in this complex matter, as it understands that the claim is addressed to the State of Grenada. The government`s sympathy and concern goes to all public servants as well as to any other citizen who rightly demands and expects better services in all areas. Perhaps now, almost 4 years later, the oil discovered at that time is finally bubbling oil and bringing great wealth to our country. What vicious political leaders would play games with such serious issues? The court case is part of a vast process that has been going on for years and includes many aspects. SECRETARIES OF STATE. Anna BrizanMinistry of Justice, Labour and Consumer Protection This policy was initiated by this current government and adopted by the trade unions, as indicated in a memorandum signed 5 years ago. Hundreds of retired civil servants currently benefit from this scheme. Admittedly, there was no agreement on how to deal with the 25% tip issue — and several proposals were on the table in this regard. If the solutions were simple and straightforward, they would have been managed by successive NNP and NDC governments at some point in the past 38 years. It should be noted that although some previous governments have closed the door to discussion on the issue of pensions, it was the current government that invited the unions, without being encouraged to look for ways to solve this complex problem.

In the first official statement made on Tuesday in response to the Supreme Court`s decision, the government reaffirmed its commitment to finding a lasting solution to the whole issue of pensions, understanding that this is an extremely difficult and complex issue. Work:Ministerial Complex3rd floorSir Eric M. Gairy Botanical GardensTanteen, St. George`s: (473) 440-2532/435-4416: (473) 440-4923: | The only firm decision taken by the government within 24 hours of the verdict is to declare its intention to invite the unions to discuss recent developments. Interesting remarks by the Government Representative, in strange and even rather malicious motives. We must approach the election period, as the last time these vicious tactics were used against our public servants and all citizens. Despite all the challenges, we remain confident that together we will reach an agreement and find a Grenadian solution to this almost insurmountable legacy. We believe that any solution must be fair not only to these past generations, but also to future generations. Reports that the Government of Grenada has decided to appeal a Supreme Court decision of 29 March 2022 against the State of Grenada on pensions are a contemporary misrepresentation. As has been the case since 2018, the government not only champions open dialogue, but has initiated it on numerous occasions as part of its consultative approach to issues of national interest. The formal request to continue the dialogue will be officially issued today.

In the meantime, there are a few points that need to be clarified in this scenario: .

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