Not Legally Binding Traduzione

The binding and legally binding texts made the following legally binding commitments to implement the action. On the contrary, they would require a legally binding implementing act. The Commission concluded that China`s plans were legally binding. Amendment of a proposal for a binding act Article 48 Examination of binding acts In the English-Italian dictionary you will find several translations. Laws, regulations or other legally binding instruments in question Therefore, Mexico`s legally binding requirements have a two-tier structure. ACP-EEC cooperation on the basis of a legally binding legal agreement on forests in Europe. Results: 95. Exactly: 95. Response time: 124 ms.

legally binding measures requiring specific technologies or techniques; or Such interim measures of protection are voluntary and not binding under international law. The rules implemented by the MAS are legally binding. the award of public contracts, their legal burdens being defined as a non-legally binding instrument for all types of forests.

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