Our flagship brand! FeelGood Superfoods® launched in 2013 with the purpose of bringing new and affordable organic supplements to the market. Our superfood powders, capsules, immune shots, kombucha and other wellness products are found in stores nationwide. Every ingredient used is sourced from sustainable farms and third party tested to ensure the highest quality.

Prana Principle™ is your partner for cannabinoid-rich beauty and topical products.

Lipoless® combines two clinically tested ingredients in an innovative, time release soft gel capsule.

Fizzilicious® is a unique line of children’s multivitamins in the form of fun and great-tasting “fizzy drink” tablets.

Lineafreeze° is a professional slimming gel made with natural, plant based ingredients.

Isoride® is a distinctive line of sports nutrition products for elite endurance athletes